Milos great run falls short at Wimbledon

(Update)It was the best finish ever for a Canadian man at Wimbledon, but Milos Raonic has come up just short of his goal after falling to Roger Federer in the semi-finals.It was at the Cedar Spring Racquet Club in Burlington some 12-years ago that Milos Raonic took the court as an eleven-year old in one of many provincial tournaments. At the time, he had potential, but no one knew that he would end up on centre court at the All England Club. Today, future tennis hopefuls were watching excitedly to see if Milos could take the next step.Watching two of the worlds best duke it out, these young tennis hopefuls know what is on the line — a ticket to the Wimbledon Gentleman’s finals.Enna Krnjic is 9-years old: “I’m gonna be very happy, because he’s a Canadian.”As the match wore on, there were cheers. But they came from the few juniors who favoured the 7-time Wimbledon champ Federer who beat the Canadian in straight sets.But one days loss does not tarnish what was achieved at Wimbledon this year. With a record finish for Raonic, and Eugenie Bouchard set to appear in the final, it’s a good day for Canadian tennis.So regardless of wins or losses going into the weekend, history has already been made and they say it will affect the next generation of players in Canada.These kids are at the Ace Tennis’ development program. They know Raonic once played on these same courts, and are now inspired by what they see from England.Payton Lovisa is 9-years old: “It’s a good feeling, because I’m Canadian and I like watching my two best favourite players which are Bouchard and Raonic.”Ibrahim Higazy is 8-years old: “I never knew they would do that well. I never knew they would be like at the semi-finals.”Ammol Lhar is 7-years old: “It’s like I’m — it’s like me also doing that.”Ace Tennis owner Pierre Lamarche is a former Davis Cup captain for Canada. He has seen both Raonic and Bouchard grow into their games with a confidence that is only Canadian: “You know, we’re confident but quiet in our own way.”And he says this is only the beginning: Tennis in Canada is not one of the major sports, but with these two kids leading the way and us getting all the exposure, and new programs that are being developed by Tennis Canada, it’s gonna grow very quickly.”At 9am eastern time Saturday, Eugenie Bouchard will be going for the first grand slam title ever by a Canadian woman and the country is excited.