Letter Mr President lets free this calf

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedOp-Ed: Security Minister instructing Top Cop another flagrant Constitutional breachDecember 6, 2017In “Opinion”Halted Police promotions: Former AG says legal action looming if directive not withdrawnAugust 15, 2017In “Court”Budhram’s replacement as Crime Chief temporary as Blanhum takes leave- PROSeptember 13, 2017In “Crime” Dear Mr. President, I do hope that you will give due regard to my concerns raised in this letter and I am positive that you will do everything in your power to bring resolution to grievous wrong being done to a pitiable calf which has been impounded at the #51 Police Station for the past 4 months.This matter has been ventilated in the press by various letters and articles but despite assurances given by the Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force no progress has been made to alleviate the sufferings of this poor animal. Everyone in the Police Force is cognizant of the plight of this calf including the Public Security Minister yet the matter is now becoming an embarrassment to our Coalition Government. Some Berbicians are questioning the ability of our law enforcement to deliver a good service when such cruelties to animals are being perpetrated by the very people who supposed to afford protection. There are many instances where animals have died in the pounds due to thirst and starvation. Only recently 2 goats died at the Albion Police Station. The atrocious conditions and the refusal of the police to feed these animals are quickly transforming these pounds into slaughterhouses.I am living at Skeldon and I would normally travel to #51 Police Station in order to feed and water this animal when Mr. Harbhajan, the PM’s Representative of Region 6, is unable to do so.Your Excellency, this is not a ‘disputed animal’ as the Public Relations Officer claimed in the Press, this calf was struck down by a Motor car driver and only his mirror was broken while the cow calf suffered a broken back leg and no one was injured and since then no one came forward to claim the animal and it has been tied with a short piece of rope since early September and to date it remains in the sun, rain and not to mention the season of mosquitoes. Many versions of the Police file were given and yet the animal remains impounded-sometimes the file went to the DPP, sometimes it went to the Public Security Minister and sometimes it is with the Divisional Commander (Royal run around with the Guyana Police Force as usual).  No one seems to give a straight answer.I beseech you Mr. President, to use your executive power and free this calf. I saw you feeding the baby elephant in Kenya and I conclude that you love animals and that you are a kind, compassionate and humane person. I am sure that you will express your Christian sentiments and free this poor calf before Christmas Yours sincerely, Mrs. Leila Hazell-Bhudial.