WOMENS TOP 10 BEST BUY 20152016 Bella Nycke and Jelena

Best Buys women’s handball 2015/2016WOMEN’S TOP 10 “BEST BUY” 2013/2014 ← Previous Story TOP 20 “BEST BUY” 2015/2016: Lauge and Karabatić – leaders! Next Story → Mimi Kraus to TVB Stuttgart The end of May 2016 is perfect period to see which players have been the best value for money in season 2015/2016. Handball-Planet.com present the list of TOP 10 „BEST BUY“ in the current season of women’s handball, which had a great conclusion in Budapest at Women’s EHF FINAL4 two weeks ago.TOP 10 – BEST BUYS 2015/2016:Isabelle Gullden (Viborg HK – CSM Bucharest)Cornelia Nycke Groot (FC Midtjylland – Gyori)Jelena Grubisic (Gyori – CSM Bucharest)Maria Fisker (Viborg HK – CSM Bucharest)Yvette Broch (Metz Handball – Gyori)Allison Pineau (HBC Nimes – HCM Baia Mare)Eliza Buceschi Baia Mare – ThuringerJohanna Marie Helene Ahlm (Team Esbjerg – FC Midtjylland)Katrin Lunde (Gyori – Rostov)Linn Jorum Sulland (Larvik HK – Gyori)MEN’S BEST BUYS – 2015/2016