Heres what it would be like to drive across the United States

first_img Australians could be given free movement to the UK after Brexit Saudi Arabia says the oil facility hit by drones and missiles will be fully functional again in 12 days GOOGLE MAPS PREDICTS that this Friday evening, you could drive from the northernmost point of Ireland to the southernmost in 8 hours and 18 minutes.You could drive across the middle, over 320km from just past Clifden in Galway to Howth in Dublin, in just under four hours.But what about a drive across the United States in 20 minutes?This is what it would look like to drive from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville, Florida, on Interstate 10.The entire trip would take about four days of driving.This month, the team from Brama Film made the drive.Every five seconds they took a picture, and then they put all 25,000 pictures together.Now you can experience the entire trek in less than 20 minutes.Here’s where you start — in Santa Monica: Trump might lose a crucial ally in the Middle East if Netanyahu is unseated as Israel’s prime minister for the first time in a decade A Pittsburgh doctor says Antonio Brown once repeatedly farted in his face during a consultation, and that he owes him $11,500 in unpaid bills A few hours later you’ll be in Arizona:Then you’ll hit a long straight shot driving through Texas:Eventually, you’ll get to Jacksonville. Here’s the entire drive in 20 minutes.- Caroline Moss, additional reporting by Nicky Ryan. All GIF credits: Brama Film.Read: Connected cars expected to arrive on European roads in 2015 >More: This Irish GPS will drive you around the bend >last_img