Nokia shares on the rise as Windows Phone 7 rumors swirl

first_imgLong the biggest company in mobile phones, Nokia is staggering under the onslaught of blows being dealt by the likes of Google and Apple. The Finnish company’s new CEO has made no bones about what faces the company if they don’t change, and change fast: extinction.Nokia has a big announcement planned next Friday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and while it’s not known what it’s going to be, Nokia stock is on the rise as analysts have fallen all over themselves guessing that Nokia will announce the adoption of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system.Much of the speculation seems to be prompted by CEO Stephen Elop’s recent comments that Nokia “must build, catalyse or join a competitve ecosystem,” which is widely being interpreted as a hint that Nokia will adopt a third-party OS for its future smartphones, leaving behind the likes of Symbian, which is already effectively dead, and MeeGo, which has its work cut out for itself in getting marketshare.Why Windows Phone 7? Largely, it’s due to Elop’s prior relationship with Microsoft: he was previously head of Microsoft’s business division, so a partnership makes sense.Nokia is also expected to once again take the American market seriously after neglecting it for years due to its issues with the way the American carrier system works. The decision to largely ignore America is often cited as a reason Nokia’s fortunes have suffered over the last few years.The question remains, though: is Windows Phone 7 really going to change things for Nokia? It’s better than Symbian, but Windows Phone 7 has yet to make a real splash of its own yet. Is a Nokia / Windows Phone 7 alliance really going to get people excited about either product?Read more at New York Timeslast_img