Sony Google TV devices rooted Hulu and other streaming video apps enabled

first_imgOne big reason geeky types buy a Google-powered anything is that they assume such gadgets are going to be developer-friendly — and therefore hackable. Root access has been achieved on just about every Android tablet or phone out there, the Cr-48 running Chrome OS, and now Sony Google TV devices have been rooted, too.Don’t go rushing off to buy a Sony device if you’re a more leisurely hardware hacker. In its current incarnation, the root process is a bit circuitous. The folks at GTV Hacker have posted exhaustive instructions, but it’s still a 44-step process that requires the use of four different USB flash drives of 512MB or greater capacity.Once you’re all done, however, you’ll be able to install certain apps whose absence you may have found incredibly frustrating on a Google TV device. Specifically, video streaming apps like Hulu and those produced by the major networks — like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. One other compelling reason to give this a go: it’s possible to set up NTFS support, meaning you can easily swap your external hard drives full of video files back and forth between your Sony box and your Windows computer without having to use FAT32.Another thing to consider before rooting your Sony Google TV hardware is that you’re monkeying with the firmware and thereby voiding its warranty. On a positive note, the crew at GTV Hacker say that it’s easy enough to roll back to the stock firmware if you have second thoughts about jailbreaking your device. You also won’t receive any OEM updates over-the-air — that functionality has been crippled to avoid any shenanigans that would undo your hard work.More at Droid Life and GTV Hackerlast_img