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first_img Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 Stay on target “Cassie Hack is the lone survivor of an attack by the slasher called The Lunch Lady… a slasher that happened to be her mother! She traveled the world with her monstrous partner and friend Vlad, hunting down and destroying slashers wherever they found them! But then Vlad died. And Cassie disappeared… Cassie Hack has been living off the grid, but when a new monstrous threat arises to torment promiscuous teens, it’s time for Cassie to pick up the baseball bat once again! Gory, sexy, twisted, and funny…HACK IS BACK!”HACK/SLASH: RESURRECTION #1(W): Tini Howard (A): Celor (C): K. Michael Russell (L): CRANK!I’m a massive nerd for Hack/Slash. I believe it was one of the top five titles I picked up when I started my adventure into comics and it hasn’t disappointed yet. Yes, there have been some ups and downs in the Hack/Slash series and spinoffs, but Cassie Hack, always the badass, forever stays true to herself. And now, she’s back! Writer Tini Howard helms this new series with artist Celor, colorist K. Michael Russell and letterer CRANK! by her side to bring Cassie along some new adventures whether she likes it or not.via Image ComicsTini Howard’s writing for the new series feels organic. It feels like the next natural development in Cassie’s slashing days. If you’re a new or old fan of the series, Hack/Slash: Resurrection doesn’t leave you behind. It flourishes in introducing new readers to the series with a brand new unique experience or, for the old fans, keeps you up to date with Cassie and prepares you for a brand new ride.The best thing about this comic, and I can’t stress it enough, is how well Howard understands Cassie and Cassie’s personality. Cassie almost feels natural for Howard to write. She pays homage to her history and moving on from her past she can’t hide from. Some golden moments come when Howard gets into Cassie’s head a little bit in the comic. She mainly has herself in these moments as she tries to struggle her natural instincts to get rid of the zombie problem knocking at her door. Howard has her continually fighting herself, stating “Not My Job,” but having to combat what comes naturally to her.via Image ComicsCelor’s art not only gives the new series unique and abstract looks, but it’s also downright surreal. If available, I’d buy every single panel in this comic as a print; it’s striking. Each panel has its own individual touch to it that’s awe-inspiring and off-kilter. The proportions are off, but that doesn’t make it less incredible. In fact, it makes me want to go back in and read again. K. Michael Russell’s colors make you feel cold. It not only goes along with the setting that Cassie’s in but also goes along with her personality that Howard perfects well. You feel the seclusion environment and the aloof arm-length stance Cassie puts herself in just in the colors alone. Russell gives you a Fargo like palette when alone and counterbalances it with heat when she finds herself having to slash.Last but not least, Crank!’s letters guides you throughout the story that builds within Cassie’s head and flows out. As Tini gives you Cassie’s internal and external fight, Crank just knows where to place the text to make your eyes follow naturally between the panels. Crank’s lettering is starting to become some of my favorites because they know how position and limit within the visual to make everything come together.via Image ComicsTim Seeley passes the bat onto Tini Howard and secures Cassie Hack in the safest hands possible. Hack/Slash: Resurrection #1 is a new beginning, but not at all a fresh start. If I know anything about Hack/Slash, I’m definitely looking forward to some classic slashing references, sexy bites, gory panels within the series and it feels like Howard and the team will deliver that and so much more.10/25/17 Releases – In addition to Hack/Slash: Resurrection #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Jughead: The Hunger #1 by Frank Tieri (W), Pat & Tim Kennedy (A), Matt Herms (C), Jack Morelli (L) Archie ComicsDaddy Lost His Head and Other Stories by Al Feldstein & Jack Kamen (W) Jack Kamen (A) FantagraphicsStreet Angel: Superhero For A Day by Brian Maruca & Jim Rugg (W), Jim Rugg (A) Image ComicsTank Girl World War Tank Vol. 1 by Alan C. Martin (W) & Brett Parson (A) Titan ComicsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img