This Tree House Is Legos Most Sustainable Set Ever

first_imgStay on target Lego Unveils ‘Friends’ 25th Anniversary Central Perk SetLego Built a Life-Sized Astronaut to Celebrate Apollo 11 50th Anniversary It’s no secret that Lego is experimenting with more sustainable ways of producing its signature bricks and minifigs. They’re taking a big step toward that goal with the release of a new Lego Ideas set this week.The latest fan-submitted set to get the green light is the Tree House. Its creator, Kevin Feeser, first posted the incredibly detailed, sprawling scene in the fall of 2017. By Halloween it hit 100 votes and earned 365 days to get the other 9,900 needed to make it to the review round.(Photo Credit: Lego)It took less than four months. Now, Kevin’s set has been tweaked, packaged, and it’s ready to go on sale. And it’s Lego’s most sustainable set ever.That’s because of all the foliage. The Tree House features more than 180 botanical elements and they’re all made from Lego’s new polyethylene which is produced from sustainably-sourced sugarcane.(Photo Credit: Lego)There’s a lot more to see here, naturally. The sprawling set measures over 14-inches high, is roughly 10 inches wide and deep. It’s packed with delightful details like the winding staircase, a crane for hoisting supplies, a telescope for stargazing, a babbling brook, and even a swing for the minifigs to chill out on.As stunning is the Tree House is to look at, make no mistake: it’s definitely meant to be played with. You can remove the roof from each room and take a peek inside. This thing has its own well-appointed bathroom and cozy sleeping quarters where the minifigs can catch a few Zzzs. The kids even get a separate bedroom to themselves!(Photo Credit: Lego)When they’re ready to head back down to the forest floor, there’s room for everyone at the picnic table and the bonfire is always blazing.Just like a real tree house, there’s a lot of serious hard work to be done before you get to play around. It’s all part of the fun when you’re building with Lego — especially when you’re knocking out a 3,000-plus piece set like this one!The Tree House goes on sale to the general public on August 1 for $199. Lego VIPs can order it tomorrow.More on Built a Life-Sized Astronaut to Celebrate the Apollo 11 50th AnniversaryLego’s Massive ‘Stranger Things’ Set Will Turn Your World Upside DownLego’s New Boost Coding Kits Let You Build and Control R2-D2last_img