Once Upon a Time Mixes Jules Verne with Teen Angst

first_imgStay on target This week’s Once Upon a Time takes us 20,000 leagues under the sea so Henry can work out his stepdad issues. We start off during the time of the dark curse, where Hook is a ruthless pirate captain chasing his revenge against The Dark One. He finds a stowaway on the ship and is about to stab him, but a sea monster swims underneath the ship. Well, they think it’s a sea monster. The stowaway says he’s about to save Hook’s life and pushes him into the water before jumping in himself.Hook wakes up on a submarine called the Nautilus. It turns out the stowaway was its captain, Nemo. Yeah, we’re getting Jules Verne stories this week! It turns out Nemo needs Hook for a mission. The next time we see them, Hook and Nemo are exploring an underwater cave with another member of the submarine’s crew. It appears that Nemo recruits people who are seeking vengeance and gives them another purpose in life. They find a treasure chest but are attacked by a sea monster before they can open it. The Sea Monster almost drags Hook away, but Nemo stabs its tentacle and saves Hook’s life.In Storybrooke, Regina confronts the Evil Queen at Zelena’s house to tell her that airing Emma’s secret didn’t tear the family apart. It turns out that’s just a distraction. Snow White and Charming have broken into the house to rescue Dr. Hopper. The Evil Queen figures it out and is about to attack Snow and Charming, but Regina protects them. The Evil Queen says she has even more up her sleeve to tear the family apart.The Evil Queen (Lana Parilla) draws upon the power of a whiny teen (Jared S. Gilmore). (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)At Emma’s house, Henry and Hook aren’t getting along so well. Hook throws away Henry’s Pop Tart and says he’ll make him a breakfast of boiled mackerel and grapefruit instead. While Henry is taking out the garbage, the Evil Queen appears and shows him that Hook kept the scissors. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t do your ONE JOB, Hook. Henry confronts Hook about the scissorWhs and comes very close to screaming, “You’re not my REAL DAD!” He’s about to throw them in the water when the Nautilus shows up. Hook tells Henry to run, but they’re stopped by two men carrying Harpoons. The men tell Hook that the captain wants to see them.It turns out Hook isn’t the only one who wants to hang on to the shears. Rumplestiltskin wants them too. While speaking with the Evil Queen to try and figure out where they went, she figures out that Rumple wants to use them on Belle. He hopes that severing her from her fate will allow them to be together again.Hook and Henry are taken under the sea, and Henry continues to yell at his mom’s new boyfriend, and there is SO. MUCH. ANGST. pouring out of the screen. Hook starts working on a plan to get off the Nautilus, as the captain is someone you don’t want to meet. Eventually, Hook reveals that he killed his father and left his brother an orphan. He says since he deprived himself of a family before, he wants to do it right now.Henry isn’t adjusting well to his mom’s new boyfriend. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Back in the past, Nemo reveals that the chest contained a key to The Mysterious Island. He tells Hook that the Mysterious Island is a place where they don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Nemo tells Hook what happened to his first mate’s parents. Hook soon figures out that Nemo’s first mate is younger brother, Liam. Hook is about to leave the submarine when Liam finds out that Hook is the one that killed his father. Liam charges at Hook and kills Captain Nemo.Henry uses the scissors to pick the lock and suits Henry up to exit the submarine and get back to Storybrooke. Henry asks how Hook is going to get back and Hook says he’s not going back. There’s only one helmet. He shoves Henry out of the submarine and is confronted by Liam. It turns out The Mysterious Island is actually the Land of Untold Stories. Liam says they found the Land and were able to save the captain. But when Hyde brought them to Storybrooke, Nemo died.Liam attacks Hook and is about to kill him when Henry appears, and Liam hesitates. Hook hits Liam over the head and asks Henry why he came back. Henry says he couldn’t ruin his new family by leaving Hook behind. Hook promises that he won’t use the scissors on Emma and they put them in a treasure chest and dump it into the ocean. They take Liam to the hospital and find that Nemo isn’t dead. Earlier, a man from the Land of Untold Stories was found and taken there, though nobody could figure out who he was. Surprise, Nemo’s alive.Hook then tells Emma everything. He admits that he didn’t get rid of the scissors and everything that happened was his fault. Emma forgives him, saying she’d do the same thing. The Evil Queen is frustrated by the family being so forgiving and shares her frustrations with Rumplestiltskin. She says she needs a new plan. She needs to go after what she really wants directly, and she needs Rumplestiltskin’s help to do it. After a very long kiss (ew), she reveals that she has the scissors and will give them to Rumplestiltskin in exchange for Snow White’s heart.Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) promises Jasmine (Karen David) that he’ll fix things. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)While all this was going on, Emma convinced Aladdin to return to the people he let down and try to fix things. Aladdin returns to Jasmine and apologizes. He promises to listen to what Jasmine has to tell him and to fix things when they return to Agrabah. Jasmine says that after Aladdin had left, she went to a neighboring kingdom for help. When she returned, Agrabah was gone.This was as close as Once Upon a Time gets to a problem-of-the-week episode. The Evil Queen caused some trouble; our heroes solved it. The overarching story didn’t really progress. Fortunately, the Jules Verne stuff was a lot of fun. Bringing in these classic novels injected some life into the series, and it’s fun to see Once Upon a Time go steampunk.Then there was the Hook-Henry drama. Man, seeing the hit every new stepdad/angsty teen cliche was a bummer. On the bright side, it got resolved quickly, so we won’t have to deal with it next week. But because it was handwaved away so easily, I have to ask why it was even there in the first place. While this episode had some fun elements, it felt unnecessary. The best thing it did was set up The Evil Queen’s new plan, which should make for some great episodes in the future. Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time last_img