Aggressive kiteflying using weaponized string kills three people in India

first_imgA Christmas Story taught us that if you give a kid a BB gun he might shoot his eye out. Turns out that innocent-looking kites can be even more dangerous than a Red Ryder carbine-action.India recently celebrated its Independence Day — theirs takes place on August 15th. All kinds of celebrations take place on the day, but one particularly popular pastime is kite flying. Not just la-di-da watch your kite soar in the breeze flying, mind you. Some of these flyers get very, very aggressive.It’s not uncommon for revelers to use special string that’s made for attacking other flyers’ kites. This string — or manja, as the locals call it — is weaponized by coating it with powered metal or glass. The objective is to cut through others’ kite strings, but there are often unintended and deadly consequences.Spools of sharpened manja from ChinaHundreds of birds are killed or seriously injured by this “sharpened” string every year. Sadly, human casualties are a very real possibility — and during this year’s festivities three young people lost their lives.Two young boys who were observing kites out the sunroof of a car received fatal throat lacerations. A 22-year old who was out for a ride on his motorcycle was killed when he accidentally crossed paths with another sharpened string.Officials in Delhi have issued a ban on the dangerous string, and the penalty for anyone caught using it is stiff: up to five years in jail and a fine of around $1,500.For more horrific lethal and widely available objects, check out PCMag’s 9 Awesome But Super Dangerous ToysManja image courtesy India Timeslast_img