By Leonidas Belliard FFWPU Dominican Republic Fol

first_imgBy Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Dominican RepublicFollow the strong determination of Rev. Hong and all leaders in our nation, we held the biggest Interreligious blessing festival on June 16, 2018, promoted by honorable Josefina Marmolejos, who is ambassador for peace and current congresswoman. Hon. Josefina participated with her husband together others couples from La Vega and also she praised True Parents by her proudly testimony on her participation in the international Leadership Conference in Korea last February, 2018.Her strong determination began when she was invited to the 6th blessing festival, but she could not show up due to her busy schedule, then she listened very good report from her friend who was there participating. In only two weeks she moves 70 couples plus 160 singles who came up to the event.We can say, surely, this time’s event was a happy Interreligious Blessing Festival, because everybody was so happy while participating. The extremely hot weather at 3pm did not stop people coming to auditorium one after another, walking by couples.Lectures of family values, panoramic view of the Divine Principle and meaning of blessing were the main lectures done by Mr. Cesar Regalado who was the main lecturer.After MC opening words, follow by a prayer done by Mr. Geronimo Marmolejos, Honorable Josefina did the welcoming words. Rev. Hong gave a nice explanation of sacred of marriages.Blessing ceremony was totally well prepared. Mr. Leonidas Belliard, national leader, served as MC for blessing ceremony. Rev. Hong & Samonim served as couple officiator while been attended by three traditional couples.The 70 couples stand up proudly when they were called for blessing, they were so happy up to the point to dances before blessing. A popular singer was doing the performance and he invited couples to dance before marriages, so everybody danced, its created such nice environment for blessing that nobody could hesitate to follow all step for whole ceremony.This Blessing Ceremony was a preparation for 1,500 couples which is scheduled to be held on July 14, 2018 as our offering to True Mother in her coming to to see more pictureslast_img