The Municipality of Klis has developed an attractive hotel project and is offering it to potential investors

first_img“The municipality of Klis has decided not to wait for investors to knock on our door, but we have designed an attractive project and provided even more attractive land that we will offer them for investment.” the words of the mayor of Klis Jakov Vetma. Powerful, brave and proactive, and behind the whole story is not only good PR and self-promotion, says the fact that the whole project and documentation is ready and turnkey waiting for interested investors. The conceptual solution and 3D visualizations of the future hotel were presented, which should sprout on a plot of 20.000 m2 with a view from Omis to Trogir and the Split archipelago. The construction conditions were set by the development of the solution and visualization, which was unanimously accepted by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Klis at the last session held on 30 August. The plot itself is located 400 meters from the famous Kliška fortress. “In cooperation with the architects, we have developed a project to build a cascading hotel that will fit into the environment and follow the layout of our fortress with its floor plan. This project will not only bring added value to Klis and provide capacity for new visitors, but upon its completion will create at least 60 new jobs for Klis. The municipality of Klis has provided a complete infrastructure for potential investors near the location, and on the same plot it is possible to build an additional 10 villas next to the hotel, ” he said  Mayor of Klis Jakov Vetma.The settlement and municipality of Klis were created at the foot of a medieval fortress which was also the backdrop for the popular Game of Thrones series. It was named after the gorge on which the fortress was built. Hence, the main idea of ​​the head of the architectural office Srdjana Dugalic it was to “divide” the hotel building into several volumes, and to drown each one in a natural slope. This type of construction will provide visitors with their own green terraces for each room and the connection of the interior space with the outdoor natural beauties that surround it. In addition to the green terraces, the volumes will be connected with infinity pools that create a unique experience for all guests. The hotel, in addition to the basement and garage, will have four floors with a total capacity of 93 rooms and six suites. All are located in such a way that they have an open view of the sea and the entire pool of Klis, Solin and Split. The project also envisages an indoor pool within the SPA space. In addition to the three outdoor pools, it is possible to place individual pools on the terrace of the room, if the investor so wishes. In a month the announcement of the public tender“Within a month, the Municipality of Klis will announce a public tender for the sale of real estate for the construction of hotels and villas according to precisely specified construction conditions at this location.  We have also prepared all the documentation for the Investment and Competitiveness Agency for their Investment Catalog of the Republic of Croatia and we are in talks with the Ministry of Tourism to enter and enter their Tourism Investment Catalog. We are ready to talk to all investors who, in a quality way and in accordance with the project, can turn our vision into reality. We believe that the construction of the hotel will be an additional engine for the development of our region and that private renters will also benefit from it. Special praise goes to our team led by Josip Didović who managed to resolve the 15-year dispute, finally prove this year that the plot belongs to us and register it with our municipality,Vetma concluded. Thus the status quo is broken and it goes boldly forward. The future always depends on us, the people, for some the glass is half full, for others it is half empty. The easiest thing to say is that it is impossible, no, difficult – but only proactive people, companies, municipalities and those who destroy the status quo are accompanied by happiness and a bright future.Money, development, investments should be provoked, and not wait for investors to come on their own. I always point out that we have to make more projects, prepare all the documentation, cost estimates, 3d visualization and offer the projects on the market. This is the first prerequisite for developing and attracting investment.A view of Split and the development of the Municipality of KlisWe are small because we want to be small. It’s all a matter of mindset, and when you’re “small” and when you’re struggling with big players, then you have to be fast, agile, creative and innovative and definitely break the status quo to jump out of the crowd and be noticed. The Municipality of Klis will certainly be noticed with this move, and I am sure that it will achieve the much desired and deserved focus and attention, as well as ultimately development and a positive future.Bravo to the Municipality of Klis, which with this historic move in our tourism, is bravely moving forward and has put its future development in its hands.Related news:last_img