Sergio Ramos: “With the goal of the Tenth I told my mother that I could die in peace”

first_img“Five years have passed, but it seems like yesterday. Despite the fact that football passes very quickly, you don’t stop getting excited. The history of our club changed because it had been a long time since the Champions League had been won, in addition when practically everything was lost. After that moment I told my mother that I could die in peace no matter what happened. And yes, I think it is my best goal, the goal of my career, for everything it represents not only for me personally, but for the world of football and for our club, “Ramos begins.The center-back also explains the move: “I am a very optimistic person, who until the last second that this possibility exists always thinks that it is possible. I dreamed of that perfect ball, that it would arrive to finish it off and that it would end up inside. Said and done: a great ball from my brother Modric, who makes him fly and was where he had to go. I did not finish with the head, I finished with the soul “. And Casillas, who had failed in the rojiblanco goal, thanked him like this on the pitch, in an iconic hug: “Brother, you’re the fucking master, I love you.” I have a special affection for Iker, it’s a long-standing relationship We are very, very good friends. “ 4 He Real Madrid He has rescued a video from 2019 in which his today captain, Sergio Ramos (33 years old), recalls his legendary goal in the 2013-14 Champions League final. With the match in the discount and Atlético caressing their first European Cup, the central defender appeared to, in the famous 92:48, force the extension. The rest is history… “In the pineapple the coach always speaks and I also like to say a few words. I said that no matter what happened we could go home with our heads held high because we had given everything within the field “, Ramos reveals. And what happened was that Madrid lifted the trophy: “The finals are not played, the finals are won, and we have been very lucky to play many Champions League finals and the vast majority have won them.” Florentino Pérez, the president, had a nice approach to him before the start of the meeting: “It was also a very loving gesture on his part, that placing his trust in you makes you feel a little more important, and that in one way or another I could transmit it to the team, pull the group at the most important moments. That merger we did had its prize. “The video closes with the last thought of Ramos in captain mode: “It will always be a goal that will go down in history. It is a group work, a team effort, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of effort. The story and the tale needed to end that result. I had to score the goal, but we will go down in history as a team, not only because of Sergio Ramos’ goal“last_img