Only Luis, Simeone and Zamora beat Antic’s matches

first_imgIt was a room that was accessed by crossing an arch in his house in Aravaca, Madrid. With exposed brick and dozens of objects, wherever you look. Photos, flags, balls, newspaper covers and even a stuffed Indi, Atlético’s mascot. Radomir taught them all with the tenderness of a father talking about his children. They really were. His soccer offshoots. And this is his particular museum full of memories that are the history of the ball. One color stood out among all the others, and that he, Antic, had many teams. In Spain Madrid and Barcelona too, and Oviedo, Zaragoza and Celta. But it was two years at Atlético, 1995 and 1996, that made him be forever, that color, red and white mixed with stripes. That season in which the rojiblanco team, as Kiko writes, “came out of the mud” to be champion. Only three coaches in the rojiblanca history, Luis Aragonés (611), Simeone (467) and Zamora (206), directed Atlético more games than he (189). Today he is gone, a pancreatitis has taken him in the times of the coronavirus, so hard; without funerals, without burials of more than three people, without the possibility of saying goodbye to them, a myth. Twitter was mourning. “Radomir Antic”, “DEP Mister”, Radomir I love you “,” doublet “,” Penev “, DEP Radomir”, “Pantic”. Almost all trending topics talked about him.“I was never a screaming coach, ever. I prefer that they, the footballers, understand, that they understand why everything. That’s why I write everything on that blackboard at the locker room door, “he confessed in the book. Until always, Vicente Calderón. Their names always linked, as with that of Pantic, Antic was ‘their inventor’. “Our story begins in the Partizán of Belgrade. He was the coach, ‘The Master’ as I call him. After a while, he went to the Spanish League, with Zaragoza, and I played Greece, Panionios, “Milinko described a few days ago in an extensive interview in The Coaches’ Voice. “Antic asked me for a video to see how he was playing in Panionios I said to him: ‘Coach, that is going to be very difficult, nobody keeps that kind of thing here.’ Days later he called me at home to tell me not to sign anything. He was negotiating with several teams and he wanted me with him, “he completed. He was already like a father to him. He would never stop being one. The first time Jesús Gil went down to the locker room and saw the blackboard on the door, he asked, puzzled: “But what is this?” “This is how we prepare the games, presi,” replied Antic. “First time I see him in my life,” Gil argued and spluttered away. Serbian was the coach of the blackboard, of the tortillas, beers and barbecues on Fridays in the bar in the box of the Calderón to live together (“It is easier to die in the field for someone you feel like a brother than just a partner“) and from the photos to the rivals.” When I knew that we would meet Ajax in the Champions League (Champions League quarterfinal, 1997) I sent people to their stadium to take pictures of them at every game. They brought slides. Thousands of each move. My footballers have seen them all in talks this week, “the coach continued to reveal. Until always, Vicente Calderón.From the omelette in the box to the tie on the benchA coach who always, always, always, in his 189 matches with Atlético wore a tie like Simeone his black suit, on the benches. “No one has ever noticed her, but since I have been a coach I have worn her. Tie. Perhaps she is my Yugoslav culture: if you prepare for a party for seven days and this is a party, you should dress well.” A coach who returned Atlético to Neptuno and that, that afternoon when he was celebrating the double, when he left Calderón, he noticed an old woman, on the way to the source. An old woman applauding from a sidewalk as the bus passed. “How many people are there behind football to make happy“He always remembered what he thought. He did. From the field, the benches and the radio, where he commented when he hung his tie. It was in many of the photos in his home museum. Like that phrase on his lips,” a bratzo. “ Forever forever. Like his myth, like that song. Radomir I love you, lolololo.last_img